CLYB-G2000 Truck Mounted Asphalt Recycler

CLYB-G2000 Truck Mounted Asphalt Recycler

Asphalt recycler adopts the new drum-type electric heating, dramatically improving efficiency of asphalt heating and regeneration, with functions of pavement heating, asphalt spraying and compacting, etc. to provide one-stop solution for asphalt maintenance.


?  1. Domestic initiative, electric heating for the entire drum regeneration and pavement repairing. 

?  2. Rotary regenerative drum with electric heating, ensuring rapid regeneration and good quality. 

?  3. Pavement heater uses electric heating ceramic, suitable for heating all types of asphalt pavement to ensure adequate heating depth and uniformity; and the heating effects won't be influenced by temperature, suitable for pavement repair under all kinds of weather condition. 

?  4. Equipped with asphalt and emulsified asphalt heating and spraying system, on-site mixing, ready to spray hot asphalt. 

?  5. Equipped with roller in the middle of the machine, safe and convenient access. 

?  6. A machine with multi-functions, can repair asphalt pavement and achieve asphalt regeneration, equipped with a hydraulic output interface.

Working Process


Dimensions9668×2422×3138 mm
Gross Weight16 ton
Generator set power80 KW
Material heatingInfrared radiant electric heating, zone heating
Drum volume2 m3
AgitatorDual-shaft horizontal type, driven by dual-motor. 76rpm
Pavement heating modeElectric heating
Heating area2.5 m2
Emulsion tank60 L
Cleaning tank30 L
Asphalt tank300 L
Reject bin0.4 m3
Road rollerWacker RS600A 12 KN
ChassisDongfeng DFL1160BX18