Garbage Compactor Truck ESN5080ZYS

Garbage Compactor Truck ESN5080ZYS

Garbage truck is a truck specially designed to collect municipal solid waste and haul the collected waste to a solid waste treatment facility such as a landfill. Other names for the truck include trash truck, rubbish truck, bin wagon, dustbin lorry, bin lorry, bin van, waste collection vehicle or refuse collection vehicle. Our standard rear loader compactor refuse truck is the ultimate go-to refuse vehicle. It is the most requested, productive and dependable rear loader for residential and light commercial routes. 

Rear loader garbage compactor trucks have an opening at the rear that a waste collector can throw waste bags or empty the contents of bins into. Also they have a lifting mechanism to automatically empty large carts without the operator having to lift the waste by hand. A rear load container specially built to fit a groove in the truck. It has a chain system for upending the container. The waste will then slide into the hopper of the truck. The rear loader compacts the waste using a hydraulically powered mechanism that employs a moving plate or shovel to scoop the waste out from the loading hopper and compress it against a moving wall.

Features and Specifications

? 1. Body sizes: 6.2/6.6 /12 cubic meters.         

? 2. Options to accommodate domestic and international refuse collection.

? 3. Maximizes efficiency with a 30 second pack cycle time that keeps the hopper clear, saving time on densely populated routes.       

? 4. Top-quality abrasion resistant steel featured in the rear loader’s highest wear areas-the hopper and rear of body.      

? 5. Built to simplify maintenance with fewer service points and cycle times that help boost productivity, increasing your efficiency.     

? 6. Fully sealed structure and sewage collector prevents secondary pollution effectively.   

? 7. Garbage loading, compression and dumping are all completed by a hydraulic system automatically.        

? 8. Combination control of hydraulic, electric and pneumatic elements, this compression garbage trucks feature high automation, simple and safe operation.     

? 9. Highest resale value on the market.