CLYK-25II & CLYK-25IIIB Crack Router

CLYK-25II & CLYK-25IIIB Crack Router


Crack router is used to groove the cracks for sealing in the asphalt and concrete road. Our crack routers feature diamond blades and low barycenter, allowing use-friendly operation and efficient production. 7 second quick-stop system guarantees operators’ safety under unfavorable conditions. Crack Router CLYK-25IIIB differs from CLYK-25II for its additional vacuum cleaner. 


? 1. Diamond blades for accurate cutting width and depth.  

? 2. Crack tracking indicator.  

? 3. Anti-splash curtain of chains.  

? 4. Handle-press brake. 

? 5. 7 second quick-stop system.  

? 6. Low barycenter lends stability and safety to operation.  

? 7. Adjustable handle height.  

? 8. Triple air filter maximizes the life span of generator. 


Dimensions1100*855*1500 mm1400*855*1550 mm
Weight235 kg250 kg
EngineKohler Gasoline CH730Kohler Gasoline CH730
Rated Power17.3 KW17.3 KW
Gasoline tank volume25 L25 L
Cutting depth0-30 mm0-30 mm
Cutting width10-50 mm10-50 mm
Vacuum cleanern/aStandard