Standard Asphalt Distributor

Standard Asphalt Distributor


? 1. Heat insulated asphalt tank.

? 2. Three overlapping spray design, each nozzle can open and close independently.

? 3. In cab PLC controller, real-time monitoring truck and pump speed, asphalt and transfer oil temperature, so as to control spray rate and temperature; rear manual emergency control system. 

? 4. Heat transfer oil circulating through asphalt tank, pump and piping system; Rear pipe circulation design for preheating the piping system.

? 5. Pressure/flow proportional hydraulic drive, accurate, reliable, safe and noise-free.

? 6. High-temperature metal seal butterfly valve.

? 7. Automatic Italian Riello burner.

? 8. Independent generator supports heating while truck parking.

? 9. High power rear lights for night operation.


Power85 KW85 KW88 KW
Capacity3000 L4000 L5000 L
Spray Width4 m6 m6 m
Spray Rate0.3~3 L/m20.3~3 L/m20.3~3 L/m2
Accuracy of Spray98%98%98%