CLYG-CS500 Truck mounted crack sealing machine

CLYG-CS500 Truck mounted crack sealing machine


? 1. Oil-jacketed melters are with high heating efficiency and never coking sealant. 

? 2. Beckett diesel burners are electronically controlled with Auto Shut Off, 45 degree downward combustion chamber. 

? 3. Roper pump, external pump for convenient maintenance. 

? 4. 24V safe voltage all electric heated hose for applying the sealant at certain temperature ensure its performance. 

? 5. Electric switch at the sealing wand for easy control of sealant flow. 

? 6. Integrated digital control center with protective cover, offers AC gauge to monitor the real and target temperature  of material, heat transfer oil and electric heated hose. 

? 7. Hydraulic motor driven pump and agitator.  

? 8. Electric block and space for place crack router and hot air lance. 

? 9. LED display board for traffic control can rise and drop.

? 10. GVW 7 Ton JMC truck or similar. 

Working Process


Dimensions6080*2100*2750 mm
Weight5835 kg
Melter capacity500 L
Engine generatorYanmar Diesel SKNSA 20.7 KW
Hose24V, 6.5m
AgitatorHydraulic motor Eton JS370
Fuel tank90 L
Hydraulic oil90 L
Heat transfer oil90 L
Loading height1000 mm